Simply Beautiful

On Patience: Makeup, Hair Jacquetta Sorensen; Photo Marta Elena Vassilakis

On Karissa: Makeup, Hair Jacquetta Sorensen; Photo Marta Elena Vassilakis


These two simply beautiful looks show the power of focusing on one feature of the face. As I explain each step, I will be referring to the following photo of brushes.


Each model’s skin was prepped with a light moisturizer and primer. I used TIGI Whipped foundation on both models (color #1 applied with the foundation/concealer brush, which is the brush on the far right). The whipped foundation is a cream to powder matte finish. I love this for HD photography.


I then used a mascara wand to apply TIGI concealer to the brows. Just rub the bristles with the stick of concealer and comb into the brows for this really interesting effect.


I used Haute (top right in bottom image) on Patience. On Karissa I used Awaken (bottom left) . I only wanted to apply a wash of color to the cheeks so I used the powder brush, which is the first brush on the left in the brush photo. I loaded the product just slightly to the lower portion of the apple of the cheek. I then transitioned the color back toward the hairline and temple making sure the color is completely blended away before it hits the hairline.



For the lips I custom blended colors. I do this often because I’m a control freak and I just feel the need to make the color exactly what I want. Patience’s lips were the focal point of her makeup. The color was a mix of black lipliner and Passion TIGI lip color.  Karissa’s lips were a mix of Splendor and Finesse TIGI lip color and concealer. Both of the custom blends were mixed on a pallet then applied to the lips with a lip brush, which is the fourth brush in from the right on the brush photo.


Patience eyes were a wash of golden bronze shadow and a ton of brown mascara… keepin’ it simple. Karissa’s eyes were the dramatic focus of her image. The technique for this is complex, so I will break it down in a post to come. For now, just know I used TIGI black patent eyeliner (I love it for the shine) with no mascara. I like the way her blonde eyelashes are highlighted with the contrast black background.

Punch ’em In the Mouth (The Spring Season’s Punchy Lip Color Trends)

lips post2

This is my favorite time of year.  I look forward to Saturday mornings at our local farmers market. I love to grab a fruit bowl with the hubby and bring home some edible goodies for the week. I love cool morning walks while sipping a latte.

Inspiration Happens

Inspiration Happens

All the blooms remind me of childhood flower hunts. Don’t tell, but I totally picked flowers from the neighborhood lawns and made bouquets for my mom. I have always been intrigued by the complicated names for flowers. The Calla Lilly is a Zantedeschia. When I would gather flowers as a child and ask my parents what they were called the always told me nearroadians. It wasn’t until I was older that I realized they were jerkin’ my chain: “near road-ians”.

IMG_2974copy 1

I get excited about the sweater wraps in the morning and the sun dresses in the noontime. It’s time to break out the coconut body scrub and get ready to bear those nude shoulders, backs, and legs.

Oh yes, it is spring, and over the next few post I want to share my take on the style trends.  This season’s love affair with lip color is exciting. There are so many options. I’ve seen mattes, stains, tinted balms, and on the flip side, some “for real” lip color.

The list of must haves:

  • A great sugar scrub: This preps the kisser for whatever shade inspires that day.
  • Nude lip color: This time of year skin becomes part of our wardrobe. There are many variations of the nude hue… stain, matte, or lipstick. The goal is to keep it as close to the natural lip as possible. Make sure your color selection doesn’t look too washed out or pale. Sometimes I like to tap the color on to avoid looking made up. This is also a fantastic color option when paired with a dramatic eye shadow.
  • Bold lip color: Nude is chic, but this season lip color sometimes takes center stage.  Some of the colors are so playful it’s like a carnival for your lips. I immediately find inspiration in cotton candy and candy apple shades. What is it about me and my love for food? Maybe I’m hungry while writing this because if I were to describe the rest of the shades on my list, they are really reminiscent of that farmers market fruit bowl I mentioned earlier. Think fruity… peaches, tangerines, cherries and plums. Yum!


Just have fun! Try different shades, application styles, finishes, and opacities. Get creative!

All makeup work done by Jacquetta Sorensen.

Here are my inspiration images from the season’s shows:

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