Time for Change

90% of the things we do in a day are habitual. Statistically we only use our conscious thinking to make 10% of our daily decisions.  This is why it is so hard to break a habit. I once heard someone say, “If nothing ever changes, then nothing ever changes”.  We can see our rut and hope for change, but it won’t get us very far. We have to consciously make a decision to do something new. This applies to every part of our lives, but for the sake of a light-hearted example, let’s apply it to hair.

Have you known anyone whose hairstyle never seems to change? Even if the length changes, the hairstyle still looks the same. This happens when they use the same tools, product, and technique to style. Getting a new cut is only the beginning to a new look. Learning to style in a new way is the rest of the story.

To put another twist on what I’m trying to say… The same old cut can look new and fresh with a new style regimen. Make sure your stylist is willing to share some style/tool/product  ideas with you. Below are some photos of three different models. Each of these looks were photographed on the same day, with hair and makeup changes.

Model 1
Model 2
Model 3
Sometime this week you should try something new. I mean it! This week, try…
…a braid,

…a new shade,


  …or a new part.

 Start the process of getting outside of your normal routine so you will be open when that perfect style suggestion or idea comes your way.

I often hear how people want a new look but are afraid to try something different. We all need to be reminded…”If nothing ever changes, then nothing ever changes”.

Metal Heads (Hair Accessories Gone Wild)

These images were shot on the same day. Three different makeup applications with a unifying hair theme. The progression of this shoot was to apply a basic beauty style of makeup to the first model and then push the boundaries from Alta Moda to a fantasy style of makeup, unifying the cosmetic look by styling with metallic accessorized hair. The idea was to keep the hair from taking center stage by styling it clean and away from the face, while keeping it interesting.


The first two looks were created by pulling the hair into a low center back chignon, leaving  the top and sides out to use for the design. You can design your sweeps and waves however you like and with as much detail as you choose. First establish your part and divide the hair into two sections (right and left). For this example, the hair is going to have 3 sections of design; however, you are free use your imagination to create your own masterpiece.

Now that the hair is parted, divide the two sides into the amount of section that you choose. Remember that your accessories have to fit in the sections. On one side pick the bottom section and drape or wave the hair  onto a shape that you like and temporarily secure the hair in that shape. You’ll want to start the placement of accessories at the base and work your way through to the end of your design by placing one pin at a time until you reach the place were you want the design to stop. Continue until all sections are designed.

The third look is a simple ballerina bun. The hair was cleanly brushed back into a ponytail. It’s really important to make sure that the pony is immaculate. Wrap your tail into a bun and pin it. Now all you have to do is place your accessories. I chose a uniform placement to support my modern futuristic feeling for the hair.


TIGI Whipped Foundation #2: Use foundation brush and work one section of the face at a time (product sets quickly)

TIGI Brow Sculpting Duo in Brunette: Use angel brush to apply wax first then apply the power over the wax (powder color will deepen when it hits the wax).

TIGI  Longwearing Eye Shadow in brown sugar: Place some product on a pallet. Use a dome shadow brush and place color, starting at the lash line and while blending up and outward. I chose to keep color concentrated in the crease. Use an angle brush with very little product and create a soft sweep of color at the lower lash line. Now add a light dust of gold from TIGI  High Density Quad Shadow (Posh) to the center of the lid and blend to inner corner

Use the same gold to highlight the brow

Use TIGI Perfect Eyeliner in brown for the wetline (the moist flesh just inside the lash line).

Apply strip lashes.

Add a sweep of color just under the cheek bone. Start application away from hairline and blend back toward hairline. (color should blend away before reaching the hairline). I used TIGI Glow Blush in Haute

Lips were done using TIGI Decaf Perfect Lipliner, then cocktail Splendor and Gossip TIGI Lipstick.

This look was created Using TIGI Fair Cream Foundation, and powdering all of the face except the eyes with TIGI Powder Foundation in ShiShi. Make sure the brows get powdered. Eyes are done using TIGI Perfect Eyeliner in Peacock, Blue and Black. This is meant to look irregular and slightly messy. Start with Peacock to create the base shape. These liners blend so grab your brush and blend this color into the shape you want to see on the eye. Keep the color dense at the tear duct area and at the height of the brow. Use the blue to deepen and richen the color. Apply the color over the lid and under the eye (remember to let some of the teal peek through). Last apply the black in a smilier manner, but just to the areas you want to make even deeper and richer (remembering to allow the first two colors to peek through). Use the black for the wetline, as well. No mascara. No brow color. Add sweep of Haute TIGI Glow Blush to the hollow of the cheeks. Lips are filled in with TIGI Perfect Lipliner in Kiss. Then add a touch of black liner to the center where the lips touch, and blend

Use TIGI Dumb Blonde Luxe Lipgloss to complete the lips. The final touch is to use the  TIGI Dumb Blonde Luxe Lipgloss to gloss the eyeshadow. Shoot the look quickly because this glossy eye bit doesn’t last forever.

This look starts with a Perfect Temptu airbrushed face in 001(porcelain). The airbrush really helps to soften the color of the lash and brow hairs. I chose to also airbrush this color on to the hair to down play the models natural strawberry hair. Brush the crease of the eyes with  TIGI blush in awaken. For the lips use a lip brush and apply a small amount of Faith TIGI Lipstick to the center of the mouth where the lips touch and blend away.

The eye was a little tricky. Apply black liner to the wetline

A Day in the Life of a Photo Stylist (Four Looks, One Model)

The last few posts were a fun peek into the day of a photo stylist. The photographer on this project (Marta Elena Vassilakis) and I worked hard this day to create multiple looks for one model in a short amount of time.

Part One: Natural Bohemian

sunny days 5

This shoot began with a wardrobe fitting, and a plan as to the hair and cosmetic looks for the outfits that were chosen. Most of the time it’s easier to start natural and work your way into more intense styling. This slightly bohemian look was styled with TIGI Root Boost. The product was placed from roots through the mid-lengths to create lift and texture. The hair was then dried using the fingers to lift the hair at the roots. Once the root area is dry, the rest of the hair was smoothed using only the hands to leave the hair with some unrefined yet delicate texture. The goal was to refrain from over-styling the hair. Because we started with product, it will be easy to keep the volume at the base.

sunny days

The model we were working with has the most amazing skin with freckles. I didn’t want to cover them. Her cosmetics here were very clean.  I used TIGI Brow Sculpting Duo in brunette (only the powder), TIGI Eyes Love It mascara, and TIGI Decadent lip color in Bliss was softly dabbed onto the lips and cheeks to create a stain



Part Two: Royals

For the second portion of this shoot, we started with a quick change of clothes…


…and a little pink added to the pout and cheeks. I also added a dust of rose shadow to her eyelid creases. This rose color is a great contrast to her eye color, which really make her eyes standout.


I used about a dime size amount of TIGI Up Front Pomade to tame her locks.


Part Three: Hats

For this photo we moved the entire session to the studio, changed clothes again, and added not one but two hats… just for interest. The hair was swept back and banded into a low pony held at 45% so the hair would fall into a soft swag to frame her face. Oh yes, can’t forget the lip balm.


Part Four: 60’s Inspired

The last segment of this session was also done in studio.


The hair was sectioned in two with a large “V” shape at the fringe. Both sections were back brushed to the high heavens. The lower sides and back section was gathered into a low pony and banded low on the tail so it could be tucked under and pinned to create this faux bob. The top was then coiffed and formed into a pompadour, pinned and seamlessly molded into the bob.

There was a slight shift in cosmetics. I added Makeup Forever Uplight for a luminante dewy finish. The lip color was brought down to nude and glossed. The power in the makeup was all in the brows. The length and color were exaggerated. This small shift made a powerful statement for this 60’s inspired image.


Simply Beautiful

On Patience: Makeup, Hair Jacquetta Sorensen; Photo Marta Elena Vassilakis

On Karissa: Makeup, Hair Jacquetta Sorensen; Photo Marta Elena Vassilakis


These two simply beautiful looks show the power of focusing on one feature of the face. As I explain each step, I will be referring to the following photo of brushes.


Each model’s skin was prepped with a light moisturizer and primer. I used TIGI Whipped foundation on both models (color #1 applied with the foundation/concealer brush, which is the brush on the far right). The whipped foundation is a cream to powder matte finish. I love this for HD photography.


I then used a mascara wand to apply TIGI concealer to the brows. Just rub the bristles with the stick of concealer and comb into the brows for this really interesting effect.


I used Haute (top right in bottom image) on Patience. On Karissa I used Awaken (bottom left) . I only wanted to apply a wash of color to the cheeks so I used the powder brush, which is the first brush on the left in the brush photo. I loaded the product just slightly to the lower portion of the apple of the cheek. I then transitioned the color back toward the hairline and temple making sure the color is completely blended away before it hits the hairline.



For the lips I custom blended colors. I do this often because I’m a control freak and I just feel the need to make the color exactly what I want. Patience’s lips were the focal point of her makeup. The color was a mix of black lipliner and Passion TIGI lip color.  Karissa’s lips were a mix of Splendor and Finesse TIGI lip color and concealer. Both of the custom blends were mixed on a pallet then applied to the lips with a lip brush, which is the fourth brush in from the right on the brush photo.


Patience eyes were a wash of golden bronze shadow and a ton of brown mascara… keepin’ it simple. Karissa’s eyes were the dramatic focus of her image. The technique for this is complex, so I will break it down in a post to come. For now, just know I used TIGI black patent eyeliner (I love it for the shine) with no mascara. I like the way her blonde eyelashes are highlighted with the contrast black background.

Sharply-Dressed Man (Birchbox Man)

Every girl’s crazy about a sharply-dressed man. I’m not excluded from that statement.

I love when my man gets into his grooming. What’s funny about this story is he has had this long running fantasy about hot hairdressers. (LOL!) He says , “What man doesn’t want to date the hot hairdresser. I married my hot hairdresser.” I guess you could say the pressure is on for him to keep up on his styling knowledge.

I ordered him his very own Birchbox. If you have been following my other blog posts, you already know that a Birchbox is a month subscription of hand selected products to try.


My man’s first Birchbox

Here is a review from his first box.

The box theme for this particular month was fitting for summer. This box is created for the adventurous man. My husband opened up this box like it was Christmas in June. Let me start this review by saying that this subscription is personalized, hand-picked items that come from a profile that is set up at the beginning of the subscription. Unfortunately, my husband’s expectations were very high because my first box was amazing. His box, on the other hand, wasn’t as exciting. He received this cool little luggage tag, along with some trial size products that would be perfect for a flight acceptable carry-on. We weren’t really as disappointed with the items as we were disappointed with the selections for him.

He was sent a clay mask that was intended for oily skin but he has extremely dry skin. We really couldn’t try it for that reason.

The next sample was a lotion called Da Boom. My husband immediately hated this moisturizer. He is a anti-smoker kind of guy. The product description states that its fragrance held notes of motor oil and tobacco. As soon as he caught the hint of tobacco he washed his hands. My curiosity was still stirred. I carried this lotion with me for two weeks to get the opinions of many women and men. I would say that this product still received more yes’s than no’s.

The last product was SU Hair and Body Wash. Speaking from the perspective of a woman, this concept makes me crazy! But for a man, a multitasking product is wonderful. This one in particular is pretty cool for the man that likes to catch a few sun rays. It’s a moisturizing cleanser that  works for both hair and skin. This product has some repairing qualities that work wonders for overheated hair, while its moisturizing ingredients help maintain a long lasting tan.

Tips for Tanning

  • It’s best to exfoliate your skin first. This will help your tan last much longer because you are eliminating any dead skin cells that will actually prevent you from getting a beautiful tan. When your skin is dry, it actually reflects the UV light, ultimately slowing down your results and giving an uneven color.
  • Bar soap should be avoided. It usually contains chemicals and alcohols that dry out your skin. Your tan will last much longer if you choose a liquid soap or shower gel.

After your shower, apply an after-tan moisturizer immediately for best results. Look for something water and/or aloe-based to replenish your skin with mositure that is lost while having fun in the sun. Seek  lotions with ingredients like  Vitamins A, C and E as well as copper peptides to enhance your tan.

I’m dying to try this DIY self tan:

Instructions: When water has boiled, add the tea bags to steep. Leave in for 10-15 minutes, or until tea is dark and cool enough to touch.
In the meantime, take a shower to ensure your skin is oil- and sweat-free. USE A SCRUB TO EXFOLIATE!. Afterwards, make sure skin is completely dry.
Stand on something you don’t mind getting dirty. If using a sponge, drench it in the tea and wipe all over your body. If using a spray bottle, fill it with tea and spray evenly. Let skin air-dry and apply another coat for a deeper shade.
Tea will stain clothes if wet, so make sure you’re all dry before dressing. The “tan” should last 3-4 days.
…as far as the bottle of beer goes, I added this in for his experience. The beauty is in the details.
Send me a comment if you try the DIY tan.
For fun here is a link to my Man’s World pinboard.