Elegance in Simplicity (Simply Elegant Wedding)

I had a most beautiful time capturing images for a lovely couple. This was a unique experience because it has been a real trend lately to shoot weddings with a scenic, natural, earthy flare. Although, I love this way of styling a wedding shoot, I love when I can change it up a bit.

The bride came to me with a request for an elegant city/urban styled wedding session. I was beaming with excitement. This was a fresh opportunity to shift gears.

You will see in the images I played with light, texture (fabric print), color, and architecture with an aim for glamour.


Be My NYFW Valentine


So far I have loved how this season’s show has been shaping up. litereally the shapes are lovely. The collections have had strong influances that salute the shape of a woman. I’m excited to see the return of the waistline. The rich color, eclectic prints, and luxurious fabrics are celebrating femininity.  My favorite looks have been really reminiscent of the 70’s. Yesterday’s events left me daydreaming about finding a disco and dancing my heart out.

Here is a little peek from backstage for todays festivities.




Fashion Week Wow


I’m so excited to be blogging again. I had to take a break, but I’m back and posting. Let’s kick this off with live Fashion Week streaming from your computer.

Watch the action here

I’m loving what I’m seeing so far. Looks like a return of shape. To be honest I’m tired of shapeless clothing. I’m very pleased to see some contour. I love the luxe fabrics with mixes of patterns and florals. I’m all over this season.

Here is the month of fashion events.  Click here for more details

Screen Shot 2016-02-11 at 10.19.38 PM

Watch the show and send me your thoughts. I love the interaction.

Stay tuned for updates.

Water Works (Airbrush Stands Up To the Water Test)

Jump in, the water is perfect.

I’ve been claiming the moisture resistance of Temptu SB makeup forever. Temptu is an airbrush cosmetic company that serves both the professional and consumer. From their website you can purchase either the pro or personal version of the air-gun and compressor. I use the pro compressor and gun; however I also have the modifying gun that accepts air pods.

I figured since I sing Temptu’s praises, it was time to put the product to the ultimate test. It was a hot and steamy poolside, so why not jump right in. The round shapes on the face were inspired by bubbles and created by airbrushing different sized to circles with Temptu SB makeup.

Yep, it worked!