Perfect Canvas

Getting the perfect foundation for your makeup is subject to your own taste. Some people may love a full coverage while others prefer little to no coverage at all. Your coverage can be controlled with the type of foundation you use, but have you considered you can control this with the type of tools you use for application? Here’s a little food for thought.

Airbrush- Buildable coverage form minimal to full coverage with really small amount of foundation. I use Temptu SB for all my brides because it is lightweight with the ability to get all types of coverage. My favorite reason for using Temptu SB makeup is it is moisture resistant. So cry and sweat if you must… you will still look amazing.

Hands- great way to conserve product because your hands won’t soak up the foundation. You can get minimal to full coverage, but this will come from your product instead of your application.

Brushes- Most professional makeup artists, including myself, use at least one (if not more) makeup brushes to apply foundation. With so many brushes to choose from there’s something for everyone. Remember: bristles should be synthetic for liquid or cream-based products. you can layer and blend foundation seamlessly giving skin an even, airbrushed finish, with sheer to full coverage.

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