Makeup Brush 101 (Weapons of Mass Construction)


There are so many different styles of makeup brushes out there and unfortunately they don’t come with an instruction manual. Over the next couple of post lets take a few minutes to demystify the makeup brush and it’s many usages.

Natural vs. Synthetic

I typically like to use my natural hair brushes for powders, And my synthetic hair brushes for creams.

Natural Brushes are usually made of natural animal hair, often sable, squirrel or goat. The hair is also super soft and makes for easy blending on the face. Another of the benefits of natural hair is the cuticles, which allows for great pick-up and blending properties. The cuticles will lift and absorb powdery pigment along with your skin’s oils and blend them seamlessly over the skin. The best uses for these brushes are to apply powdery products such as eye shadow, finishing/setting powder and powder-based blushes and bronzers.

Synthetic Brushes are usually made of man-made materials like nylon, taklon or polyester fibers.   Synthetic brushes are unique in that the bristles are non-porus, finer, and naturally gravitate toward each other, allowing for more precise, smooth and streak-free application. Because of the hairs’ precise properties, they are great for angled, sharply cut brushes. I love to use these faux-hair brushes for liquid products like foundations, cream blush, cream shadows, and gel eyeliner. Reminder: synthetic hairs are not  porous, so they don’t soak up too much product (this could save you some money in the long run, as they use less product).

Watch For Next Post: Brush of the day

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