Old Souls (Vintage Themed Wedding)

Happy 5th anniversary to one of my favorite couples… The Filkey’s.

This was, by far, the most fun I’ve had shooting a wedding. Just imagine 250 guest, all of which, participated in this amazing themed wedding. It was like being on an old Hollywood movie set. There was so much emotion, tons of sentiment, and a world of creativity.

Here comes the bride. Will she forget these important things?

I love spring and all that it brings. I love the longer days, with cool mornings, and sun-kissed afternoons. I enjoy the gardens of produce, and flowers. I can hardly wait to get my hands on a new pair of sunglasses and some gorgeous sundresses. I notice when this season arrives it brings a since of excitement for change… the newness of a fresh hairstyle and/or color, a new lip shade, or that perfect pair of sandals.

There is something else about this season that excites me. I’m an incurable romantic and I look forward to all of the blushing brides and their anticipation’s for what’s on the horizon.

During this month I will be focused on the bride. So, if you know someone, or you are someone, that is starting a new wedded chapter in their life… this months post are for her.


Here are a few tips from an older post to get us started.

I am a hair and makeup artist, as well as a professional photographer. My goal in styling hair and makeup is to consider the perspective of the photographer and the final images. The advice I’m sharing in this post will not only help you look your best, but it will help your photographer make you look your best.



When it comes to your hair and makeup, be yourself. Your wedding is not the day to do something “out of the norm”. You want to recognize yourself in your photos. Don’t let other people sway you into looking the way they envision you to be. You should always stay true to your own personal style.



Have your artist emphasize your best features in a style that fits you. For your makeup, pick one feature to emphasize, your lips or eyes.


Pump up the amount of makeup so it doesnʼt disappear in the photographs. Trust me, a little more is okay.


Choose a great artist and have a trial makeup appointment. It’s well worth the money to know you will love the finished look on your wedding day


I suggest airbrush because of the flawless finish and longevity.

Makeup and photo Jacquetta Style, Hair Eric Gomez


Exfoliate your body and face for weeks leading up to your wedding. I love to make my own exfoliant for the face with coconut oil and sugar, and coconut oil and coffee grounds for the body. Another great way to exfoliate your lips is with and old toothbrush and salve.


Have the artist curl your lashes, use waterproof mascara, and apply false lashes. If you plan to well up with emotion be prepared with a hanky and lightly dab – donʼt rub the moisture from your face and eyes.



Don’t forget the brows. They frame those “windows to the soul”. If you have a stylist or esthetician that waxes your brows, your pre-wedding wax should be 2-3 days before the wedding. This goes for all your pre-wedding waxing. Keep in mind… if you haven’t started a brow shaping routine, you’ll want to start long before your wedding date so you will know how your skin will respond to wax.


Teeth whitening is another great way to highlight the smile on your face. This is the day when everyone will be looking at it.


Remember the scarf. Drape the scarf over your hair and face as you slip the dress over your head.  This will keep your fresh hair style from coming undone as you pass through the dress, and from transferring makeup to the dress.


Make sure your hair color is fresh (one week before), and don’t get crazy and try anything new.


Your hair should be slightly dirty (one day) for your wedding style if you want it to have some volume/hold, and clean if you are just going to wear it down and natural.


It’s important to remember that whatever you do to your hair will be undone later when you are alone with your new spouse. If you add extra hair to you style, you will be taking it out with him. If you plaster it with spray, he wonʼt be able to run his hands through it when you take it down.


Keep these essential items in a sweet bridal hand bag: oil absorbing strips, touchup lip color and pencil (if you aren’t using a long wearing lip stain), and a mirror compact.