Healthy For Your Hair

Eating for Healthy Hair Vitamin A is crutial for healthy hair it promotes health scalp and hair cell growth. If hair is deficient in vitamin A it can lead to dry lifeless hair .

Vitamin C helps to create collagen which keeps the hair follicles health for hair growth and keeps strands strong and prevents splitting.

Biotin It’s important to eat a balanced biotin rich diet to support our body in producing the biotin that it generates. It isn’t as important to take biotin supplements as it is to eat the foods that are pumped full with biotin.

Folate and iron create healthy red blood cells that carry needed nutrients and oxygen to the scalp and follicle. lack of Iron can be the cause of hair loss in woman that experience deficiencies.

Protein is important because hair is protein. the hair structure is created from a protein called keratin. Actually hair, skin, and nails, get their building blocked from keratin. A lack of protein will slow hair growth.

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