Time for Change

90% of the things we do in a day are habitual. Statistically we only use our conscious thinking to make 10% of our daily decisions.  This is why it is so hard to break a habit. I once heard someone say, “If nothing ever changes, then nothing ever changes”.  We can see our rut and hope for change, but it won’t get us very far. We have to consciously make a decision to do something new. This applies to every part of our lives, but for the sake of a light-hearted example, let’s apply it to hair.

Have you known anyone whose hairstyle never seems to change? Even if the length changes, the hairstyle still looks the same. This happens when they use the same tools, product, and technique to style. Getting a new cut is only the beginning to a new look. Learning to style in a new way is the rest of the story.

To put another twist on what I’m trying to say… The same old cut can look new and fresh with a new style regimen. Make sure your stylist is willing to share some style/tool/product  ideas with you. Below are some photos of three different models. Each of these looks were photographed on the same day, with hair and makeup changes.

Model 1
Model 2
Model 3
Sometime this week you should try something new. I mean it! This week, try…
…a braid,

…a new shade,


  …or a new part.

 Start the process of getting outside of your normal routine so you will be open when that perfect style suggestion or idea comes your way.

I often hear how people want a new look but are afraid to try something different. We all need to be reminded…”If nothing ever changes, then nothing ever changes”.