Thom Browne Inspired

There are so many things about the Fall/Winter NYFW I can’t wait to share. There are too many for one post, so I’ll start with how one look inspired me.



The simplicity of the makeup and hair let the clothing be the star of the show, however there is something so mesmerizing about this powdery soft makeup look. I’m in love with how it contrasts with the wet swept tresses.

We, my partner in crime Eric Gomes and I, got together to see how the look could play out if it were just simply hair and makeup.

Here is what happened…


Then we changed the colors and hair a bit and this is what happened…IMG_0407 copy

This is what happened next…



For our final look we pushed the mood right over the edge.



As you can see this inspiration took us on a journey, from soft and sweet to bold and strong.  I was a fantastic day! You should try it sometime.

Be Inspired!

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