Day One of Blog Week (five day’s of fav’s) Makeup

These are my 5 favorite makeup blogs. I love all of these for different reasons. Collectively, these various beauty blogs cover current style trends, product reviews,  tutorials, behind these scene access to the beauty industry, and great imagery.



Politics of Pretty

Into The Gloss


Beauty Is Boring

Beauty Banter

Cult Of Pretty

Blog Week (5 Days of Fav’s)

Yes, I love blogs too.


I get inspired by what others love. ¬†I read them for entertainment, I read them for education, and I read them for inspiration. I enjoy the DIY’s, the how-to’s, the photos, and the ideas. I’m an information junky!!!!!!


Of course, I love that you are choosing to read my blog, but for this week… I’m going to share my favorite blogs with you. For five days I will feature some of my go-to blogs for inspiration. I hope you enjoy some new reading addictions.