Day Three of Blog Week (five days of fav’s) Fashion

My 21 yr.old self, at 96 pounds., after my second child.

I want to share my serious weakness for fashion trends, and what sparked it.

To help you understand, I must share some history. My fascination started before my teen years. I was so super skinny as a young girl… so skinny. I was tiny when it wasn’t popular to be thin. I was 5’7″ and 95 lbs. For me to be in style I had to hand make or tailor all my clothing. I fell in love with the ability to really make my clothing “my own”. So, I’m sure you can see the potential for me to be fascinated with the world of style. I studied fashion in college, and still love the idea for creating or re-creating my fashions.

When I was young I started a fashion magazine Collection. I could never get enough fashion publications. Some Saturday mornings CNN would be running stories on fashion week and the designers. Wow, how times have changed. We are so much more connected now than we ever have been. sometimes it’s information overload. You really have to do your research to find the best resources.

Here is my list of fav’s.

These have a bit of everything

Who What Wear

The Sartorialist

Refinery29 (some the articles can be a little much for my liking, so I pick and choose.)

For the love of candid images

Street Peeper

Tons of cool info for the man.

Put This On

Art of Manliness LOVE LOVE LOVE

Uncrate Stuff to be envied and purchased

For the beautiful wise woman of style

Advanced Style

Window Shop and Buy


Jak and Jil

This blog is for the people who want more than just eye candy. This one is for the reader that would like to break into the biz.

Business of Fashion


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