Day Two of Blog Week (five days of fav’s) Hair

When it comes to hair I look for style inspiration from the fashion week runways, and publications. I also love to waste hours of time getting caught up in my Pinterest/instagram addictions. This is one of the only hair blogs that I will check out.

The Confessions of a Hairstylist

So… Speaking of confessions of a hairstylist, I must confess I usually hate hair blogs. If anybody knows of any great hair blogs written by someone in the profession, please send that information my way. I feel like most hair blogs are written by people who don’t really understand the science behind hair, and the technology needed to understand styling and treating hair. I know many people want to think that there is a drug store hack for everything, but when it comes to your locks, make sure you’re getting good sound advice. There’s a couple of really important points to remember when caring for your hair.

IMG_6118 crop copy 2


It’s not living. What I am constantly explaining to my clients is once the hair grows beyond the follicle it’s not alive. It’s actually no different than the free edge of your fingernail. So if you want to keep those tresses looking gorgeous you have to consider how to treat them. It takes a month to grow at least a half an inch of hair. Do the math… If your hair is  6 inches long it may have taken one year to get to that length. Keep in mind all the crazy decisions we’ve all  made this year that our hair had to pay for. Imagine the ombre that was covered up with dark hair color, and was later lightened with the Balayage, and  likely, shampooed too often, and blow dried on a regular basis, and then styled with a hot tool of some sort.

I like to think of our hair like luxurious fabric. We wouldn’t wash your cashmere sweater, or silk dress on an old washing board, Right?


There really is something different and better about most professional hair products. Most professional hair products are made with high-quality ingredients in high concentrations. You may pay extra for these products, but it’s worth every dime. On the upside to that, less is always more. Most professional shampoos are not full of sulfates which means you won’t experience a lot of lather in your shampoo, however it’s not the lather that cleans your hair. The truth is the sulfates are fillers that aren’t even good for your hair. So, remember the next time you want a shampoo that has a ton of lather, your may not be getting what you need for your hair. Another thing to keep in mind, don’t be impressed when a conditioner leaves hair feeling super silky in the shower. Some of the less-expensive mainstream/Drugstore conditioners are full of waxes that will leave your hair feeling silky, but without the necessary hydration to keep it healthy. The waxes in some of those products will build up in the hair and actually cause your hair to dry out overtime. While I’m on the subject of drug store products, Don’t be fooled by the professional brands that are on the shelves. Every professional haircare company has strict guidelines who they will sell to. If you don’t buy those products in a salon they are not guaranteed. The stores do not buy those products directly from the brands manufacturer’s. When you see these products they may be old or even counterfeit. I was actually in C###co and noticed a shampoo and conditioner on the shelves called “Self Absorbed”. That particular product has been discontinued for over five years. Truth is, when you buy that stuff in any place other than your salon, you are not getting the professional prescribed advice regarding what to use, you were paying full price for it, and it might not even be the real deal.


To DIY or not to DIY… That is the question. I see all of these tutorials online about coloring and cutting your own hair. I’m not going to argue with anybody about whether or not they should try their hand at being a kitchen beautician. I’m just going to say when the hair gets messed up, I’m going to charge extra to fix it. I spent one year in beauty college studying bones, muscles, skin, and hair anatomy. I studied chemistry, I also studied geometry. When I was done with school I began to grow my knowledge with advanced cut and color education. It has taken me 26 years to get all of the knowledge that I have.  I will continue my education as long as I am touching someone else’s hair. The art of cutting, coloring, and styling hair isn’t just for someone who is creative. This art is also reserved for the stylist who is educated and skilled at their craft. So… DIY if you like, but you might have to live with some unfavorable results until you can get into see a professional.

I like to think of the hair as a little black dress. It can be worn casual to the beach, professional for work, and glamorous for a night out. Our hair is the one accessory that we cannot take off. 

Take good care of it!!!

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