MMMM Coffee (better than you think)


Just a little truth and humor to start the morning.

But, in all seriousness, coffee has a ton of benefits, so drink up!! I like to tell myself I’m getting my morning nutrient blast. Coffee has the same antioxidant power as foods like pomegranate and blueberry. Damaging free radicals cause all sorts of problems. I like to think my morning cup of Joe is fighting premature aging. These are the nutrients in one cup of coffee

  • Riboflavin (Vitamin B2): 11% of the RDA.
  • Pantothenic Acid (Vitamin B5): 6% of the RDA.
  • Manganese and Potassium: 3% of the RDA.
  • Magnesium and Niacin (B3): 2% of the RDA.

Inside the Body

  •  Coffee is high in antioxidants and can reduce the risk of some cancers.
  • Coffee can be an appetite suppressant and may aid  weight loss.
  • Caffeine is in almost every fat burning supplement because it can increase the metabolic rate, and it sends signals to fat cells to break down (on short term usage).
  • Drink a cup of black coffee 1/2 hour before the gym  and it will increase your performance on many different levels
  • Some studies show that caffeine may protect against cataracts
  • The caffeine in coffee sharpens you’re thinking power, alertness, and problem-solving ability. the is a Harvard study that has proven that people who drink 4 cups of caffeinated coffee are half as likely to suffer from Parkinson’s in comparison to others. This is mostly because caffeine keeps dopamine molecules active and blocks adenosine. This may slow down the build-up of a a toxic brain plaque called amyloid-beta, this toxic plaque has been associated with Alzheimer’s disease.

Outside the body

  • Use fine grounds for a skin exfoliant and cellulite treatment. I love to mix my finely ground (unused) coffee with natural unrefined coconut oil and yogurt. I use it as a mask/scrub in the shower, before my shower. Make a paste with 1/2 cup fine grounds and 1/2 cup hot water. Let the mixture sit for about 10/15 min. Then mix the grounds paste, yogurt, and oil together.  Slather it all over (without running water) massaging in a circular motion for 2-4 minutes.  The grounds will work wonders at eliminating dead skin cells, while to caffeine and antioxidants in  the grounds will soften the appearance of cellulite for a  short term.  The caffeine in coffee dilates blood vessels, which temporarily tones and tightens tissue. Plus it increases circulation and reduces water retention, all of which may also help smooth the look of cellulite. The antioxidants in coffee may help to release toxins, which is not only helpful for cellulite, but for healthy skin in general.

For the Face

  • Caffeine works as a constrictor it will restrict blood flow to the area and reduce swelling.
  • When applied as a face mask, Coffee will wake up your skin. The stimulating properties of coffee improve blood flow and making your skin appear radiant, bright, and more alive.
  • Though it seems counterintuitive given its stimulant nature, coffee can actually also calm inflamed and red skin thanks to the same antioxidants that protect it from premature aging.
  • De-puff: Swollen areas means the skin around your eyes is retaining fluids, which can be caused by everything from alcohol to salt intake, and of course lack of sleep. To minimize puffiness, Try this puffy eye treatment mix coffee grounds, green tea, and chamomile tea in disposable tea bags. steep for in hot water for 2 min. remove from the water and quickly cool in the fridge. Lightly drizzled with cold rosewater. Remove excess liquid. Place DIY teabag/eye-pads over your eyes for a few minutes.

For the Hair

  • For shine, use coffee as treatment. Try this DIY tutorial from for shiny dark locks. This simple hair mask is cheap, simple, and leaves your hair smelling great like coffee.     On the flip-side try some vodka in your conditioner. Cocktail a shot with your conditioner as a treatment. The vodka is naturally  low in ph and will help seal your cuticle for shine.  Check this fun article.    Vodka for Hair

  • For tint, enhance your natural (not color treated) dark hair without using any harsh dye chemicals, coffee can be an effective color enhancer. Here is a cool blog post on DIY hair color enhancers. Andrea’s Blog
  • For strength,  The protective antioxidant benefits of coffee also extend to your hair—masks containing java will prevent breakage

Healthy For Your Hair

Eating for Healthy Hair Vitamin A is crutial for healthy hair it promotes health scalp and hair cell growth. If hair is deficient in vitamin A it can lead to dry lifeless hair .

Vitamin C helps to create collagen which keeps the hair follicles health for hair growth and keeps strands strong and prevents splitting.

Biotin It’s important to eat a balanced biotin rich diet to support our body in producing the biotin that it generates. It isn’t as important to take biotin supplements as it is to eat the foods that are pumped full with biotin.

Folate and iron create healthy red blood cells that carry needed nutrients and oxygen to the scalp and follicle. lack of Iron can be the cause of hair loss in woman that experience deficiencies.

Protein is important because hair is protein. the hair structure is created from a protein called keratin. Actually hair, skin, and nails, get their building blocked from keratin. A lack of protein will slow hair growth.

Sharply-Dressed Man (Birchbox Man)

Every girl’s crazy about a sharply-dressed man. I’m not excluded from that statement.

I love when my man gets into his grooming. What’s funny about this story is he has had this long running fantasy about hot hairdressers. (LOL!) He says , “What man doesn’t want to date the hot hairdresser. I married my hot hairdresser.” I guess you could say the pressure is on for him to keep up on his styling knowledge.

I ordered him his very own Birchbox. If you have been following my other blog posts, you already know that a Birchbox is a month subscription of hand selected products to try.


My man’s first Birchbox

Here is a review from his first box.

The box theme for this particular month was fitting for summer. This box is created for the adventurous man. My husband opened up this box like it was Christmas in June. Let me start this review by saying that this subscription is personalized, hand-picked items that come from a profile that is set up at the beginning of the subscription. Unfortunately, my husband’s expectations were very high because my first box was amazing. His box, on the other hand, wasn’t as exciting. He received this cool little luggage tag, along with some trial size products that would be perfect for a flight acceptable carry-on. We weren’t really as disappointed with the items as we were disappointed with the selections for him.

He was sent a clay mask that was intended for oily skin but he has extremely dry skin. We really couldn’t try it for that reason.

The next sample was a lotion called Da Boom. My husband immediately hated this moisturizer. He is a anti-smoker kind of guy. The product description states that its fragrance held notes of motor oil and tobacco. As soon as he caught the hint of tobacco he washed his hands. My curiosity was still stirred. I carried this lotion with me for two weeks to get the opinions of many women and men. I would say that this product still received more yes’s than no’s.

The last product was SU Hair and Body Wash. Speaking from the perspective of a woman, this concept makes me crazy! But for a man, a multitasking product is wonderful. This one in particular is pretty cool for the man that likes to catch a few sun rays. It’s a moisturizing cleanser that  works for both hair and skin. This product has some repairing qualities that work wonders for overheated hair, while its moisturizing ingredients help maintain a long lasting tan.

Tips for Tanning

  • It’s best to exfoliate your skin first. This will help your tan last much longer because you are eliminating any dead skin cells that will actually prevent you from getting a beautiful tan. When your skin is dry, it actually reflects the UV light, ultimately slowing down your results and giving an uneven color.
  • Bar soap should be avoided. It usually contains chemicals and alcohols that dry out your skin. Your tan will last much longer if you choose a liquid soap or shower gel.

After your shower, apply an after-tan moisturizer immediately for best results. Look for something water and/or aloe-based to replenish your skin with mositure that is lost while having fun in the sun. Seek  lotions with ingredients like  Vitamins A, C and E as well as copper peptides to enhance your tan.

I’m dying to try this DIY self tan:

Instructions: When water has boiled, add the tea bags to steep. Leave in for 10-15 minutes, or until tea is dark and cool enough to touch.
In the meantime, take a shower to ensure your skin is oil- and sweat-free. USE A SCRUB TO EXFOLIATE!. Afterwards, make sure skin is completely dry.
Stand on something you don’t mind getting dirty. If using a sponge, drench it in the tea and wipe all over your body. If using a spray bottle, fill it with tea and spray evenly. Let skin air-dry and apply another coat for a deeper shade.
Tea will stain clothes if wet, so make sure you’re all dry before dressing. The “tan” should last 3-4 days.
…as far as the bottle of beer goes, I added this in for his experience. The beauty is in the details.
Send me a comment if you try the DIY tan.
For fun here is a link to my Man’s World pinboard.